Modern Whore

Modern Whore is a memoir written by Andrea Werhun and photographed by Nicole Bazuin that tells of Andrea's experiences during two years as a sex worker in Toronto. This book was co-published by Virgin Twins and Impulse [b:].

Andrea and Nicole conceptualized this book over the course of a few years and I jumped on as the designer when they were ready to bring it into the world. This project was a huge labour of love and a lot of firsts for me: it was my first time working with a large printing budget, first time facilitating production with a company, and the first time something I worked on got called "provocative" by The New York Times (!!). In a Hazlitt review, Modern Whore was called, "a primary colored matte-lover’s dream, an objet d’art that wouldn’t look out of place in the gift shop of a contemporary museum." The book was also featured in places like Playboy, Vice, She Does The City, The Toronto Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Guardian.

You can currently purchase a copy of Modern Whore at select bookstores across Toronto, Montreal, NYC, LA, Chicago, Melbourne, or online.

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